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Deaths – July 19, 1907

Deaths as reported in the July 19, 1907 issue of the Nashville Globe:

Hester Copeland, Glen Cliff, Tenn., 14 years
Infant of Henry and Leallie Wiggins, 1717 Sevier Street
Chas. Webb Jr., Cumberland River, 14 years
Mary Mayness, 1213 Higgins street, 39 years
Mary Smith, Gyser (Trimble Bottom), 29 years
Infant of Fred and Emma Shute, 4 days
Uyley Otten, 8 miles Whites Creek Pike, 23 years
Green Lance, County Asylum, 55 years
John Beasley, County Asylum, 85 years
Wm. Irandale, State Prison, 17 years
Josephine Price, 449 Eight avenue North, 31 years
Fannie Payne, Memphis Tenn., 43 years
Ada Loraaine, City Hospital, 19 years
Lottie Booker, 804 First Avenue North, 39 years
Alonzo Taylor, West Hill, 6 months
Levy Myert, 1002 Stevenson avenue, 15 years
Georgie Williams, 19 Willow street, 28 days
John Steanfield, Clifton avenue, near Nashville, 1 year
Lewis Benfor, Mulloys alley, 17 years
Felix Cotton, 714 Fogg street, 45 years
Fannie May Hollinsworth, Cedar street and Twenty-fourth avenue N., 30 years
Eliza Dillahunty, 906 Ninth avenue South, 2 years
Adeline Gowen, 522 Sixth avenue South, 75 years
Minnie McKeeble, 425 Twelfth avenue North, 29 years
Jas Henry Whitsey, 919 Ewing avenue, 6 months
Jessie Jointer Jr, City Hospital, 29 years

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