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Dr. Gregg Did Not Appear

Dr. Gregg Did Not Appear
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 1

Pursuant to Call Mass Meeting Assembles in St. John A.M.E. Church-Much Interest Shown in Coming National Endeavor League.

A representative body assembled at St. John A.M.E. Church Wednesday night to attend a mass meeting called to perfect arrangements for the entertainment of the National Allen Endeavor League which convenes in this city in July. Dr. E.J. Gregg, of Jacksonville, Fla., the secretary of that department in the African Methodist Church, was expected, but owing to unavoidable hindrances could not be present.

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Boone, pastor of the St. Paul A.M.E. Church, who read Romans 13th chapter and offered prayer. The choir sang “Nearer by God to thee.” Rev. I. H. Welch, D.D., Presiding Elder of the Nashville District, was elected chairman. D.A. Hart, President of the local leagues, was elected secretary. The President called on Dr. Haigler to give the meeting the information he had concerning the meeting to be held in July. He stated that he was in full possessions of all particulars, but that the handbook contained no laws governing national meetings, but by common consent it was agreed to be governed by the information in hand. The representative from the various churches were called for. The following named churches were represented: St. Paul, Salem, Payne Chapel and Ebenezer.

  • It was moved that one or more be appointed from each charge. Carried.
  • Rev. Boone was elected from St. Paul; St. John, D.A. Hart, I.H. Kelly; Payne Chapel, Mrs. M.J. Marshall; Ebenezer, Dr. Nathan Smith; Salem, Mrs. Martha Turner, Mrs. Ellen Stratton. Committee reported progress and asked for time.
  • Moved that the Committee have time to report. Carried.
  • Moved that the third Wednesday night in February be the date for the committee’s reports.
  • Moved that the mass meeting reassemble at St. Paul. Carried.
  • After the meeting adjourned all were invited to the basement where refreshments were served.
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