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City Items

Nashville Globe
January 25, 1907
pg. 6

  • Mr. and Mrs. Alex Primm, of 68 Donelson street, entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their sister, Mrs. Lee Fate. The table was laden with the delicacies of the season. Those present were Mrs. Ed Nesby and Mr. James Madison Primm. The guests retired to the sitting room where they were highly entertained by the following young ladies; Miss Mary E. Nesby, Maggie A. Beard and Kate G. Berry.
  • Miss Willie L. Allen, who recently left for Chicago, Ill., on account of the illness of her aunt, is expected home in two weeks.
  • Mrs. Battle lost her sister, Mrs. Rosa Burton, last Sunday.
  • Mrs. Jennie Nelson, who has been very sick, is reported better at this writing.
  • The many friends of Mr. Edward Kelly, who reside in North Nashville, will regret to learn of the serious injury which he received recently to one of his eyes. His eye is so afflicted as the cause the entire loss of sight.
  • Mr. Henry Osborne, of Gallatin, was a recent visitor to the city.
  • Mrs. Eliza Battle of South Nashville, who has spent quite a time with her daughter, Mrs. Lewis Bryant, of Sixth avenue, North, has returned home.
  • The marriage of Miss Izora Gray, of Crawfordsville, Ind., formerly of this city took place last Monday evening. Miss Lula Outen, also of Indiana, was the maid of honor.
  • Miss Wilodean Jones, of Third avenue, North, has been somewhat indisposed
  • Mrs. Scott, of Sixth avenue, North, is very much indisposed.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Felix Buchanon, fomerly of East Main street, have moved to Sixth avenue, North.
  • Mrs. Ed Nesby, of Hamilton avenue, entertained a limited number of her friends at dinner Monday. A tempting two-course menu was served. Those present were Mrs. Lizzie G. Ridley, Mrs. Lucy Brown, Mrs. Anna Montague, Mrs. Lee Pate and Mrs. Alex Primm.
  • Miss Pearl Brooks spent Sunday with Miss Gertrude Lewis, of First avenue, North.
  • Mrs. Dora Moor, of St. Louis, Mo., is visiting Mrs. Blanch Gleves, of 254 Fillmore street.
  • Miss Georgia Shelby, of Fourth avenue, South, has returned to her work at the Baptist Publishing House.
  • Miss Mary A. Dunson, of Ninth avenue, North is suffering from the effects of cold.
  • Mr. Wymon Brady, representative of the Nashville Globe, spent Sunday in Murfreesboro, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Brady.
  • There is to be given at Pleasant Green Church, Monday evening, Jan. 28, one of the most promising concerts ever worked up by the choir.
  • Mrs. Ann Collins, of Cedar street, who some months ago was stricken with paralysis, is still very sick.
  • Miss John D. Thompson, of Nashville, Tenn., has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. M. L. Brown, of Pratt City. She was entertained Friday by a number of the Birmingham citizens. Among the number was Mr. Lucius Foreman Jeweler, Miss A.I. Purcell and Miss J. Bradford. Miss Thompson is very much pleased with her stay in the city — The Birmingham Reporter
  • Miss Carrie B. Page, who has been the guest of her brother, Walter Page, of Murfreesboro, has returned to the city. She will leave Thursday for Franklin.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shannon entertained at their residence, 1285 Third avenue, South, Monday night, Jan. 13. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Scaled, Dr. D.B. Miller, Miss Mary Page, Dr. Kershaw, Miss Hattie Cantrell, Mrs. Narcissa Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Prim and Mrs. Lawrence. Music was furnished by Mr. Clark and Mr. Shelton. At ten, they retired to the dining room and were served salmon salad, cheese, crackers, fruits cream, cake and wine.
  • Mrs. Jesse Smith, formerly of Nashville, but now of Louisville, Ky., is in the city on business matters. She will probably remain about two or three weeks.
  • Mr. T. W. Maddux, of Normal, Ala., is in the city the guest of his brother, Mr. J.C. Maddux of Kayne avenue Baptist Church, preached a soul-stirring sermon at 11 o’clock last Sabbath.
  • Mr. Unphrus Maddux, of Ivory street, is seriously ill.
  • Rev. J. H. Lawrence, of Chicago, Ill., is in the city visiting his brother, Rev. E. M. Lawrence, of 1027 Thirteenth avenue, South.
  • The Willing Workers Club, of Kayne Avenue Baptist Church, will meet Monday night at the resident of Mrs. Lucy Amos, of Overton street.
  • Mr. E. G. Lawrence, of Ament street, who has been slightly disable, is able to be up again.
  • Mrs. Annie Dillahunty, of Edgehill avenue, who has been sick for some time, died last Saturday evening at six o’clock. The funeral services were held at Kayne Baptist Church. Revs. J.C. Harding, Green Thompson, J. L. Harding and the pastor officiating.
  • Mr. W. A. Anderson entertained in honor of Mr. T.W. Maddux last Wednesday night. Those present: T.W. Maddux, A.A. Underwood, P. Perkins, David Nelson, A.L. Anderson, J.W. DeWees, —- Britt and —- Williams.
  • Mr. T. G. Ewing spent last week in Lebanon, Tenn., attending to some very important cases in which he was attorney for the defendant. It is said he won his three cases with all ease.
  • Rev. W. D. Chappell is back from the Bishops’ Council
  • Rev. C. H. Clark will occupy his pulpit on Sunday at Mt. Olive Baptist Church after an absence of several weeks in Savannah, Ga.
  • Rev. Wm. Buckam left Thursday for Bowling Green, Ky., where he spoke Thursday and Friday night.
  • Mrs. Prince Ella V. Willams-Abrams, of Houston, Tex., is contemplating a visit to Nashville in the near future while en route East.
  • Little Marie McKinney Singleton, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Singleton, has been very sick with rheumatism for several days, but is improving slowly.
  • Rev. P. H. Kennedy, Superintendent of Missions for the state of Kentucky and General Missionary of the Baptists of the proud Blue Grass State, spent two days in Nashville this week, looking after some new work along Mission fields for his staff.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Napier left Wednesday evening for St. Louis, Mo., where they will remain for two weeks visiting relatives. Mr. Napier will spend a while with his mother and sister, while Mrs. Napier will remain over a week longer as the guest of her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Langston.
  • The Fifth Avenue Baptist Church is showing signs of much improvement under the pastorate of Rev. J. W. Gardner, who has only recently taken charge, and who is being nobly assisted by H.M. Barnes, R.L. Woods, and S.L. Owens, the three trustees, who are giving yeoman service.
  • Mr. Elmo Bond, and Mr. Preston Scales, of Murfreesboro were in Nashville Tuesday, Jan. 22
  • Miss Molly Sheppard, of South Nashville, underwent an operation Tuesday, Jan. 22, and is resting nicely.
  • Mrs. Vera Forles Scott, of East Nashville, who has been spending the last three months in Bowling Green, Ky., left Friday night for Chicago to spend a few months with her aunt of that city.
  • Miss Frances Walker left Wednesday morning for Courtland, where she will teach music at the Baptist Seminary.
  • Mr. Joseph W. DeWees spent a few days in Hopkinsville, Ky., this week.
  • Damon Lodge, K. of P., installed its new officers Wednesday night. Dr. J. C. Crawford, G.C., officiated. The following are the officers: C.C, J. W. Blaine; V.C., F. J. Ewing; M of W., Wm. Boger, M. of F., S. J. Chandler; M. of Ex., J.B. Batte; M. at A., R. E. Gee; I.G., Willis Jones; O.G., Ernest McGuire; Trustees: J. O. Battle, A.W. Fite, J. Thos. Turner.
  • The delegates from the various Pythian lodges held a meeting in the reception room of the Pythian Temple last Sunday afternoon and organized by electing A.W. Fite, chairman, and A. A. Bennett, Secretary. All the lodges excepting Harmony were represented.
  • Mr. Clinton and Miss Mary Louise Buchanan, of 81 Fairfield avenue, and a few of their friends gave their cousins, Miss Mary Myrtle and Mr. George Drew, a surprise party last Monday night. Music and games were enjoyed and fruit and cakes were served.
  • Messrs. James Cannon and Will Gibson left the city this week for Weoky […]
  • Rev. W. S. Ellington, the popular pastor of the First Baptist Church; Spruce street, is suffering from the effects of a heavy cold.
  • Mrs. Lucy Rhodes is now teaching millinery on Thirteenth avenue, South. Any one wishing to take lessons will call to see her.
  • Miss Malissa N. Wims is suffering with her throat.
  • A limited number of persons gathered at the home of Prof. and Mrs. J. B. Battle last Tuesday evening and spent a pleasant time. Those present were Mesdames Mary Cardiman, Laura Reed, Mary Saunders, Misses L.J. Halfacre and J. V. Dixon, Messrs. Randal Hardiman, Taylor Saunders, Edd Buford and Mack Buford.
  • Mr. Geo Gibson is slightly indisposed
  • Dr. H. T. Johnson, who visited the Bishops’ Council, passed through the city Monday en route to the Florida Conference.
  • Bishop Evans Tyree will speak at St. Paul Sunday morning
  • Dr. E.S. Randals, of Clarksville, Tenn., was in the city last week.
  • Mrs. Fannie Dillahunt departed this life last Saturday night. She was a faithful Christian woman and well respected by those who knew her. The funeral services were held at Kayne avenue Baptist Church with Rev. A. Parr officiating.
  • Mr. August Caruthers, of 906 McCampbell street is sick.
  • Miss Bettie Ashley, who has not enjoyed the best of health this winter, is rapidly improving.
  • Mr. Oliver H. Brown, of McCampbell street, is quite indisposed this week.
  • Little Dayton Arabele Hart, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Hart of 1726 Jefferson street, is quite sick with pneumonia.
  • Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Cole, of Thompson street, are in smiles. Little H. C. Cole, Jr., smiles also when he is not crying.
  • Miss Fannie Mai Rhodes and Mr. Ernest Foster were married at Clark Memorial Church at the close of the morning service last Sunday.
  • Mr. S. P. Toney, of 1700 Patterson street, who has been confined to the house by sickness for some time, is able to be out.
  • Mr. William Broyles, who has been at Mercy Hospital for several months, is rapidly improving.
  • Little Merrill Work, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Work, attended church Sunday morning for the second time of his life.
  • Miss Sallie Ezell, of East Nashville, is suffering with neuralgia.
  • Miss Bessie Matlock, of Thirteenth avenue, North, who has been sick for about two weeks, is able to attend to her duties at the Baptist Publishing House.
  • Mrs. Jefferson Martin is sick at her home on Hynes street.
  • Miss Sallie McBride, of East Nashville, is still seriously sick. (Note – she later passed, her obituary was published in the Feb 22, 1907 issue.)
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