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Pearl High School Notes

Pearl High School Notes
January 25, 1907
Pg. 7

Examinations are over, promotions have been made and the school reorganized. The school has the best organization ever known in its history. The sixth and seventh grammar grades, which formerly sat on the High School floor, have been transferred away and now the High School floor contains only the High School and the eighth grades. The Principal has worked hard to obtain this condition amid many obstacles and has at least succeeded. He has always held the opinion, and has advocated that if grammar pupils must sit with High School pupils, thus making two schools on one floor, they ought to be the highest grammar pupils. He has at last succeeded.

The following is a list of the High School graduates of the January Division: John M. Dean, Blanche Perkins, Chas. H. Grier, Annie L. Robertson, Hettie Fowler, and Mabel L. Scott. There was not as much general sadness among the pupils this time after the reading of promotions as is usual. More pupils passed their grades and a higher scholarship average for the school was made. This speaks well for the efficient High School Faculty. A list of those who made the highest marks is appended.

  • Highest average Scholarship in four studies: Miss Everill Frazier, 90 1-4; Miss Eva Murrell, 88 1-2; Miss Hattie Hodgkins, 88 1-3; Miss Lou Willie Baugh, 87 1-2; Mr. Percy Nelson, 85.
  • Highest mark in Latin; Miss Everill Frazier 100; Miss Eva Murrell, 100; Ira Scott, 96; Miss Hattie Hodgkins, 95; Percy Nelson, 95; Chas. Grier, 95; Miss Amanda Perkins, 95.
  • Highest mark in Higher English: Miss Everill Frazier, 100; Herman Matthews, 95; Miss Lou W. Bough, 95; Miss Mackie Hardison, 90; Ernest Alexander, 88.
  • Highest mark in Mathematics: Miss Hattie Hodgkins, 93; Miss Viola Flagg, 93; Miss Nina Murell, 86; Ralph Cary, 81; Miss Mabel Scott, 76.
  • Highest mark in Science; Miss Everill Frazier, 91; Miss Viola Flagg, 90; Overton Carter, 88; M.E. Jackson, 80; Miss Hattie Hodgkins, 71.
  • Eighth-A Grade: George Drew, 91; Lawson Williams, 87; Alberta Ross, 84; Beatrice LaPrade, 83.
  • Eighth-B Grade: Elizabeth Clark, 86; Myrtle Sanford, 84; Annie Baugh, 83, Myrtle Buford, 80.

The school now enters upon the Spring semester with prospects bright for success.

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