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Rev. E. J. Gregg Finally Makes His Lecture

On January 18, 1907, the Nashville Globe reported that Reverend E.J. Gregg, he Secretary of the Christian Endeavor League of Jacksonsville, Florida was going to give a lecture at St. Paul Church on the upcoming Sunday. On January 25th, they reported that he did not show up due to unavoidable circumstances. Seems he didn’t make it until February – the February 22nd issue reports on his lecture:

Nashville Globe – February 22nd, 1907

Mass Meeting Held at St. Paul A.M.E. Church – Dr. Gregg Speaks Words of Encouragement – Estimates that Between Three and Five Thousand Delegates Will Attend

The Allen Christian Endeavor Leagues of the city met at St. Paul A.M.E. Church Wednesday night, under the auspices of the Local Union of the city in mass meeting. The center of attraction was the fact that it had been previously announced that Rev. E. J. Gregg, the Corresponding Secretary, of Jacksonville, Fla., would be present, and that final preparations would be made to organize the local leagues for the work preparatory to entertaining the first session of the National Convention of Allen Endeavors of the African Methodist Episcopal Church that will convene here in July from the 2nd to the 8th inclusive.

The meeting was opened with devotional services. Rev. Edwards, pastor of Salem A.M.E. Church offered prayer. The scripture lesson was read by Dr. L.H. Welch, presiding elder of the Nashville District.

Rev. Wm. Flagg, pastor of Payne Chapel A.M.E. Church, and president of the Local Union, stated the object of the meeting and outlined the work that had been accomplished. He stated that Dr. T.W. Halgler, pastor of the St. John A.M.E. Churc, and superintendent of the League work in Tennessee, was present and would introduce the General Secretary. Dr. Halgler said that he was about to present a man who had already made his mark in the world, and who was today one of the leading thinkers in the country, and it was a great pleasure to him to introduce E.J. Gregg of Jacksonville, Fla., Corresponding Secretary of the Allen Christian Endeavor Department of the A.M.E. Church.

Dr. Gregg stated that he had been on the train for several hours, and while en route his continuous prayer was that the train would land him in Nashville on time, and he felt that his prayer had been answered. Without any extra preliminary remarks the noted divine spoke right to the point. Speaking of the progress of his work. he said: “The first year we reported three hundred leagues: the second year, five hundred:” and last Monday his record showed that over one thousand leagues were registered on his books, allowing for one hundred and ten that lapsed. He said that he would not say that ten thousand delegates would attend the convention for it was not his desire to deceive the people: but he felt certain that he was conservative in saying that between three and five thousand delegates would visit this city in July. He said that as yet all of the pastors did not understand the work and that when they did much more would be accomplished. He said, “I am of the same opinion that Abraham Lincoln was. I have never lost faith in the people. The people are all right. The fault is in the ministers.”

The roll was called and the following leagues were represented: St. Paul, Payne Chapel, Salem Chapel and St. John. The General Secretary read the list of committees to be appointed and defined their work. he urged that the best talent be selected and that a united effort be put forth.

Another <…> was arranged to meet at St. John A.M.E. Church, on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock.

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