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Rev. W.S. Ellington’s Mother Dies in Memphis

Nashville Globe – February 22, 1907

Rev. W. S. Ellington, who was summoned last Sunday afternoon to Memphis on account of the death of his mother, has returned to the city. His trip was indeed a sad one. He did not know that his mother was even ill and states that it was one of the remarkable cases where a person is hale and heatry one day and a corpse the next. Last Saturday his mother was visiting some of her children, who reside in Lake View; Miss. After hearing a rumor that Rev. Mr. Elllington would preach in Memphis last Sunday she became very eager to return, and immediately boarded the train for Memphis. When she arrived there she found that the report was only a rumor; yet this disappointment did not seem to affect her, and she began in her usual jovial way to entertain the children. Saturday night she was taken very ill and the entire family summoned to her bedside. Physicians were called in the early hours of the morning, but in spite of their efforts to relieve the suffere, she grew worse. Finally, she succumbed to the Angel of Death at ten o’clock Sunday morning.

Rev. Ellington left Sunday night at 11:30, arriving in Memphis Monday morning at 8 o’clock, where all of the children, including four boys and three girls, children of the deceased, had met to pay their last respects. Mrs. Ellington was 77 years old and has raised her family principally alone, her husband having died twenty years ago last June. She had a remarkable record as a Christian woman and worker. She was 40 years a member of the same church at Gallaway, Tenn., where all of her children spent their childhood days, and where her remains were interred in the church yard. Rev. Mr. Ellington returned Tuesday evening and was joined by a Globe reporter at Hollow-rock Junction. Hundreds of friends in Memphis, at the old home, and in Nashville, join in sympathy with him in his hour of bereavement. The floral designs and the many tokens of true, life long friendship were offered by hundred of friends.

Note: her full obituary also appeared in this issue.

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