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A Delectable Mask Party

Nashville Globe
22 Feb 2007

A very enjoyable mask party was given at the residence of Prof. W.S. Thompson, 1305 Demonbreun street, Monday evening.  the costumes showed a deal of originality as to conception and execution, the best of them by far being that of Mr. Nathan Wallace, who appeared as Shylock.  Mr. Wallace’s  hump and limp were so well assumed that his identity almost defied detection of the ladies. Misses Willie Page and Jennie Childress, as Mary Jane and Samantha Ann, two maiden ladies of questionable age, though their hair showed considerable of the white, were probably the best.  Though in fact the make of all the ladies was excellent.  Eugene Page as Mrs. Belfry and Frank Hawkins as Mrs. Shoefling, attracted a deal of attention.

Though the majority of those present thought the best make up were as described above, several were of the opinion that the honors should have gone to Miss Grace Lucile Price, who appeared as a baby.  Her make up was simply superb in the estimation of some.

Light refreshments were served.  Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Price, Mrs. Turner Page, Misses Grace Lucile Price, John D. Thompson, Esther Pinkard, Ethel Jordan, Anna Tate, Emma Owens, Georgia Watkins, Lula Polk, Laura Polk Smith, Willie Page, Jennie Childress, Alberta Davis, Messrs. Wm. Tate, W.S. Thompson, Eugene Page, Robert Polk, J.O. Battle, Fred Trapp, John H. Kelly Jr. , Haven Moores, Oscar Wilson, Nathan Wallace, A.C. McKissack, H.A. Lohgley, J.J. McKeever, Wm.  Boger, W.B. Davis, George O. Boyd Jr., George Haden.

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