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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Rebecca Court of Calanthe

Nashville Globe – 22 Feb 2007

Last Friday night the most stupid person could not have helped being awe-struck at the stream of humanity that poured continually in the front door of the Odd Fellows Hall on Fourth avenue, North.  Gay young couples attired in their evening costumes poured in from every part of the city and just enough of the parents and friends of more mature age were present to insure good manners.  But the young people conducted themselves very nicely during the entire evening.  Not a single cross word was uttered; instead every one exhibited a spirit of friendliness.  True some were very young and most too  young to be out so late at night, but the little urchins joined in the exercises with great spirit.

At about half-past ten Mr. Dock Liner, the popular professor of dancing, came in and amid cheers took charge of the couples and from time on everything was conducted orderly.  Prof. Liner is very popular with the young folks, and takes special pride in instructing them in the art of dancing.  Mrs. Adelia Mills, the superior officer was kept busy every minute of her time serving the hundreds of partakers of the good things she had prepared for the occasion.  When the ladies arrived to spread their tables they found the hall dark and cold, and had it not been for the open door policy of the Globe they would have been compelled to stand out in a dark, cold hall for over an hour.   Finally some one was found who had the key and to the surprise of everyone the hall had not been cleaned up.  Chairs were all over the floor and a Christmas cedar tree was standing on one end of the stage.  The ladies were very much put out at such treatment.  Whereas the hall should have been cleaned up before six 0’clock, but instead it was between eight and nine o’clock before the keeper could be found.  After the hall was opened it developed that there was no light on the steps, and it was after ten o’clock before this embarrassment was overcome.

On the whole the entertainment was a success and Rebecca Court can well feel that they have done themselves and their society much good.

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