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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Golden Wedding of J.C. Napiers

From the Chicago Defender
October 28, 1928

Golden Wedding of J.C. Napiers: Prominent Couple Feted by Friends on 50th Anniversary.

Nashville, Tenn., Oct 19. — At 6 o’clock Wednesday evening, Oct. 2, 1878, a procession moved down the aisle of the 10th and G. Sts. Congregational church, Washington, D.C. , to the strains of Mendelssohn’s wedding march, played by the famous billed organist and composer, Bischoff, when J.C. Napier and Miss Nettie Langston were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. J.E. Rankin, pastor of the church and author of the widely known hymn, “God Be With You Till We Meet Again.”

At the end of 25 years the blessings of life and happiness seemed so full and generous that a celebration of the event seemed the fitting climax. A silver anniversary was the occasion and friends and acquaintances brought and sent a huge supply of articles of use and beauty.

On Oct. 2 last, though 50 years had passed, Mr. and Mrs. Napier are still youthful in spirit and active in body and in possession of a host of friends all over the country. Because of this large acquirement of acquaintances and friends, as well as a proper appreciation for what had been done for them and a desire to relive those who would wish to give other gifts, Mr. and Mrs. Napier made an effort to “tell the world” all they desired was a handshake and a word of congratulation.” No special invitation was extended, but preparations were made for any who might choose to come and bring this message of good wishes.

But all were not of the same mind, and during the day there were gifts from Mrs. J.A. Myers, Miss Lillian Cashin, Dr. J.A. Napier, the Langston families in Chicago and St. Louis, Dr. and Mrs. Jones of Fisk University, Misses Lucille Jordan, Mattie S. Jones, Messrs M.G. Ferguson, A.G. Price and J.W. Manly. Congratulation cards and telegrams came in profusion from out of the city, including those from Prof. and Mrs. Lawson of Hartford, Conn.; Miss Beatrice Napier of New York; Carroll Napier Langston Jr. of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Binga of Chicago, Mrs. Chavis, Mr. and Mrs. Cheatham. Among the gifts was seen a bunch of new money, which was the gift of the groom to the bride, consisted of 10 new $10 bills, each one bearing the name of J.C. Napier.

Mrs. Napier is a member of one social club comprised of Mrs. Thomas Brumfield, Mrs. H.A. Boyd, Mrs. Eugene Page, Mrs. E.L. Price, Mrs. J.P. Hickman, Mrs. L.S. Headen, Mrs. E.T. Holt, Mrs. W.J. Hale, Mrs. Thomas Talley, Mrs. E.R. Jefferson, Miss Cecile Jefferson and Miss Lillian Cashin, who made the anniversary plant of beautiful yellow chrysanthemums and a bunch of the same blossoms, besides a golden card of congratulations bearing the name of the Congenial club. The members had invited the intimate friends of Mr. and Mrs. Napier and at 8 o’clock they commenced to arrive. A program of old and sentimental <….> music was rendered, refreshments were served, reminiscences were exchanged, much laughter and good cheer prevailed, and at 11 o’clock the good wishers left, having spent a delightful three hours giving joy, happiness and deep appreciation to the bride and groom of 50 years passed.

A novel incident of the occasion was an exhibition of several gifts that had been received by the father and mother of Mr. Napier on the occasion of their golden wedding many years ago. The parents of neither bride nor groom are living. Mrs. Nettie Langston Napier was the only daughter of Hon. John Mercer Langston, who represented a district of his state of Virginia in the 51st U.S. Congress. She is a church civic, state and national worker, president of the Douglass Memorial and Historic association and chairman of the Douglass trustee board.

Hon. J.C. Napier is a national character, having occupied many positions of trust and honor. He is widely known and thought of as being register of the United States treasury. He is most loyal and never permits an opportunity to pass to serve a good cause. He is a lawyer and leading organizer of the oldest bank we have and has occupied the position of cashier from the beginning.

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