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Slaves mentioned in deed

I have this item to share from the book: Dickson County, Tennessee. Deeds Volume 6 (Oct 1820-Apr 1823). As I continue with my Napier research, this was an interesting book to look through. Saw this deed and while not technically Nashville, Dickson is close by, so I post this and perhaps someone will benefit.

Deed from George F. Napier to Samuel Vance and Field Farrar

Indenture made on this 23rd day of April 1821, between George F. Napier of Dickson county, and Samuel Vance and Field Farrar, in which Thomas Claiborn of the town of Nashville, did on the 20th day of April 1821, execute several promissory notes, payable each of them to Thomas Crutcher, for the sum of ninety hundred and ninety-five dollars and forty-eight cents payable at the Branch Bank at Clarksville, another note for one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four dollars.

For the further consideration of five dollars to George F. Napier paid by Samuel Vance and Field Farrar, George F. Napier has sold to them twelve negro slaves named Peter, George, Cajor, Usley, Squire, Joseph, Lucy, Dilcy, Hannah, Little Seisly, Matilda, and Manerva. He binds himself to them for these slaves, in trust nevertheless. and it is understood that if George F. Napier shall pay to Thoma Claiborne before the 1st day of August next, the first note, indenture shall be void, else to remain in full force. It is also agreed that George F. Napier shall continue to have the possession and use of the above slaves, until the time the notes are due.

Test: C. Johnson & Charles Bailey
Signed: G.F. Napier

Deed of Trust was proven in open court at the April term of 1821, and ordered to be registered. — W.C. Jamison, Clerk – Montgomery County Court

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