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City Items – Feb 22, 1907 (Part 3)

Nashville Globe – City Items (Part 3)
February 22, 1907

  • Rev. S. Thompson, B. Th., is occasionally in the city.  Hardly a week passes but that he is in Nashville on various official duties.  He is a minister of good reputation and is always ready to assist in some good work for our people.
  • Mr. Wm. A. Ewing, who is at present residing in Muncie, Ind., is in Nashville on a visit to his brother,  Mr. Paul Ewing, of Stevens street.  His many friends will possibly be glad to know that he is in town, as he lived in Nashville some years ago.
  • Mrs. Fannie M. Lauler, of Martin, Tenn., continues to write encouragingly of the standard maintained by the Globe as a newsy journal.
  •  Some very excellent photographs of Miss Aurelia Mildred Ford have been received in Nashville.  Miss Ford is from Little Rock, Ark., and it will be remembered spent an excellent summer in Nashville last year.  She was indeed the recipient of much social attention.
  • Mr. John Moore, of 1213 Thirteenth avenue, South, contemplates making an extended trip during the summer months.  Just what points will be visited is not yet known, but it will appear in the columns of the Globe later.
  • Miss Philster Womack, of 1502 Hamilton street, who was reported ill a few days ago, is now entirely well.
  • Little Willie Brooks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, of 504 Fourteenth avenue North, who has been ill for the past three or four weeks is slowly improving.
  • Miss Willie Battle, who has been in poor health for the past six or seven months, walks down town occasionally and apparently enjoys the exercise.
  • Mrs. Eliza Binkley, of Jefferson street, is at Mercy Hospital under medical treatment.
  • Mrs. Mattie P. Haddox, of Ninth avenue and Gay street, has been confined to her room for several weeks.
  • Miss Henrietta M. Campbell and Miss Georgia L. Hadley are reported to have left the employ of the N.B.Y.P.U. Board.
  • Mr. W.M. Flowers, foreman of the pressroom of the Baptist Publishing Board, is on vacation.  Mr. J. Blaine Boyd is filling his place.
  • Bishop Evans Tyree has just returned from Louisville, Ky.  He rushed back to fill an engagement at Payne Chapel on Wednesday night.
  • Mrs. Adelia Mills, the popular Jefferson street grocer, has been very sick but is improving.
  • Prof. W.S. Thompson, principal of Meigs School, has been suffering influenza for several days.
  • Prof. W.L. Cansler, who has been seriously ill for several week, is fast regaining his health.
  • Miss John D. Thompson, of 1305 Demonreun street, has been suffering from throat troubles for several days.. <rest of notice cut-off on my copy>
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