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Pearl High School Notes (1 Mar 1907)

Nashville Globe
1 Mar 1907

Pearl High School Notes

The regular Normal meeting of the city teachers took place in this building Tuesday, the 10th Inst.  The entire body of teachers was divided into two classes,  Prof. H.C. Weber, Superintendent of the city schools, made an interesting talk to the teachers, in which he advised them to teach the Manual Training as laid down in the Handbook on Manual Training.  He stated in his address that everything pointed to its introduction next year in the colored schools.  He then introduced Mr. Eugene Gillilland, who has charge of Manual Training in the white schools and Mr. D.M. Andrews, his assistant, to the teachers.  Mr. Gilliland was then placed in charge of the teachers of the higher grades and Mr. Andrews in charge of the lower grades.  Both of those professors gave a hasty and consise review of the Manual Training work as done by them in the white schools.

It is understood by your reporter that the Pearl High School will be made the Manual Training Center for the colored children.  It is current among the teaching fraternity that all the seventh and eighth grades in the city, and possibly the sixth grades also, will be transferred to this building and located here.  The primary grades already in the building will be sent to one of the new school to be erected, or to any of the old schools, which may be most convenient.  Just exactly how this will work, or what is to be done with the old teachers on the first floor of Pearl, your reporter has not heard.  It is believed , however, that the fertility power and resourcefulness of the Superintendent’s mind will suggest a plan which will be successful.

This school was favored with a visit from Mrs. F.G. Smith, the wife of the principal, last Thursday.  It has been a long time since Mrs. Smith has peeped in on the school, and she is invited to call again.

Miss Charlie Rosenerg and Miss Grace Frank, students of Fisk University, also honored us with a visit on Washington’s birthday. Those ladies visited every classroom and expressed themselves as surprised and benefited by what they saw.

Additional Information:

  • H C Weber, Superintendent of Schools, was Henry C. Weber, born abt. 1860 in Tennesse. His father was born in Germany, his mother in North Carolina.  He and wife Beulah (Beaumont) Weber, married around 1885, and had more than 6 children.  See the family in 1900 & 1910.
  • See previous post on Prof. F.G. Smith
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