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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Township Tuesday – Ebenezer Notes

Township Tuesday posts will share news specific to a township of local relevance.

Nashville Globe
1 Mar 1907

Ebenezer Notes

  • Mr. and Mrs. William Lusk, entertained February 21, in honor of their daughter and son, Naomi and William.  The dining room was beautifully decorated with flowers.  A menu of four courses was served.  Among those present were Misses Bettie Lusk, Addie Sledge, Mamie Upshaw, Bettie Willie B. Ewing, Annie Mae Terry, Annie Hall, Parlee Winston, Cornelia Battle, M. Baty, Messrs. McIntosh, Price, Joe Keeling, Thos. Ridley, James Jennings, T. Davis, Will McGee, W. Buchanan, Thos. Keeling, C. Yancey, M. Hall, B. Hall, G. Howlett, K. Gordan, Isaac Miller, Author Walker.
  • The Walker Town boys and the Lusk Town boys, of the Mt. Zion school, divided themselves into two clubs for the purpose of having ball games.  Those of the Walker Town are A. Walker, J. Epeland, Isaac Miller,  Dock Hall, Eddie Hall, Matthew Hall, and Beasley.   Those of the Lusk Town are W. Buchanan, A. Buchanan, Thos. Keeling, Sanford Keeling, W. Burnett, G. Howlett and C. Yancey.  The games began at 12 o’clock and closed at three o’clock.  The Walker Town won.  Mrs. William Ross and Miss Della Buchanan, their teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan were the lookers on.
  • The Lithia Club was organized with 20 members last Tuesday night.
  • Mr. William Martin left Tuesday evening for his home at 1069 Hatch street, St. Paul, Minn.  He has spent six weeks in Hot Springs, taking baths for rheumatism, which was successful.  He stopped in Nashville a few days, seeing old friends.  He once lived in Nashville, but has made his home in the North for the last 30 years.  He was married about eight years ago to the widow of the distinguished Rev. Pickett,  who lost his life in a hotel fire in New York.  While here he was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Waters of 18 Claiborne street.
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