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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Dr. Chalmers Hairston

Photo of Dr. Chalmers Hairston, graduate of Meharry Medical College, as published in the July 1919 issue of The Crisis Magazine.

Source: Military Intelligence on Negro Subversion, 1917-1940.

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  1. Beverly Dorsey

     /  July 14, 2009

    Dr J.C. Hairston was a prominent physician in Memphis and a short autobiography was published in The Brighter Side of Memphis. Written by G.P.Hamilton in 1908, this books lists african american achievements in Memphis.

  2. Michelle

     /  April 29, 2012

    Where can I find more info on Chalmers Hairston? Information on the Internet is very limited.

    • Beverly Ddorsey

       /  April 29, 2012

      The death certificate image is posted at http://register.shelby.tn.us/index. J c Hairston (Jacob Chalmers Hairston). It is a free search. Also, you might try to find a copy of Green Polonius (G P) Hamilton’s book The Bright Side of Memphis.

      • Hi Beverly,

        I’m so pleased to see that you chose the option to be informed of additional comments! Michelle and I have determined that the Hairston mentioned in the Bright Side of Memphis book is not the same man pictured in this blog post. This Chalmers Hairston in this blog post graduated in 1919 as per the notice of his graduation in the July 1919 issue of the Crisis magazine. The Hairston in the bio you refer to started practicing in 1888; not the same men 🙂 Michelle shared the link to the bio online at Google Books at it is at – http://goo.gl/v5KXp. Thanks though for the comment.

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