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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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City B.Y.P.U. Organized

Nashville Globe
22 Feb 1907

One of the largest missionary meetings ever held in Nashville for young people was held in the Sunday school rooms of Mt. Olive Baptist Church Sunday afternoon, February 17. The meeting was called to order at 2:30pm by Rev. W.L. Craft, who is the field secretary of the B.Y.P.U. Board. At this meeting a long step in the right direction was made which resulted in the organization in Nashville of what will be known as “The City B.Y.P.U.” Every Baptist church in the cit has been invited to join, and, in fact, all save one or two were represented either in person or by proxy at the meeting Sunday. Rev. C.H. Clark, the pastor, towering as he does above all others, encouraged the movement in the most hearty way possible. An excellent program was rendered. An opening chorus was sung by the Mt. Olive choir. Scripture was read by Rev. C.K. Wilson. Then came prayer. A song by the choir, then came the discussion, which was “The Union a Factor in the Missionary Development of our Denomination.” This discussion was led by Revs. Clark, Slaughter, Harding, Parr, Page and Matthews, and Rev. Draine and others were invited to make speeches on the subject. Miss Maud Roberts, of Walden University, was present and sang “Teach Me Thy Way” sweeter than it has ever been heard in Nashville.

“Our Needs” was discussed by the Dr. E.W.D. Isaac, the Corresponding Secretary of the B.Y.P.U. Board. Mrs. L.A. Davis played an instrumental solo. Possibly the most interesting and entertaining piece on the program was the trio by Miss Reed, Mrs. Henderson, and Dr. A.M. Townsend. Their voices charmed the audience. Every one strained their ears to catch every note of the sweet music made by them.

A committee on Organization was nominated and while they were out, Miss M.M. Kimball, of Louisville, who represents the Woman’s Auxillary Convention, addressed the audience. The committee reported the following officers as the first for the ensuing year: J. Blaine Boyd, Miss Mattie Matthews, Tabernacle Church, First Vice President; Mr. Jesse Voorhees, Kayne Avenue Church, Second Vice President; Mr. Wm. Cantrell, St. John Baptist Church, Third Vice President; Miss Maggie Stubbs, First Baptist Church, Recording Secretary; E. W. D. Isaac, Jr.; Spruce Street Baptist Church; Miss Matilda Williams, First Baptist Church, East Nashville, Treasurer; Mr. Wm. Sheffield, New Hope Church, Chorister; Dr. A.M. Townsend, Spruce Street Baptist Church, Organist.

It was agreed that the Union would meet once per month and that one month’s notice would be given for all churches to prepare special subjects and present their claims for those on program. The first monthly meeting will be held March 17, which is the third Sunday in March, at the Pleasant Green Baptist Church. The meeting will be called together promptly at 8 o’clock. Indications are that a large number of young people will be brought into this working organization.


Will Visit the Old World

Nashville Globe – 22 Feb 1907

Will Visit the Old World —  News has just reached Nashville that Rev. John E. Ford, D.D. , pastor of the largest Baptist Church in Denver, Col., will visit the world’s Fifth Sunday School Convention, which is to be held in Rome, Italy, during the month of May.  Rev. Ford, at one time attended Fisk University, but later graduated from Chicago University with high honors.  His friends in Nashville will be delighted to know that he will make this trip in behalf of his interest, in the Sunday school work with which he is closely identified.  It is stated that Dr. Ford will go from.  It is stated that Dr. Ford will go from Denver to Boston; Mass., where he will embark on his long journey to visit that once famous European city.  In company with Dr. Ford, it is learned that Rev. James E. Shepherd, the International Sunday School Secretary, of Raleigh, North Carolina, will go.  It was rumored, and in fact, it is not yet definitely settled that Rev. C.H. Clark, D.D., who is Chairman of the National Baptist Publishing Board and pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church, will go.  It is stated on good authority that if Dr. Clark will make known to his church that he desires the trip they will unhesitatingly arrange to send him.  The entire trip will cost something over $350, which includes first-class passage and hotel bills.  After the Convention in Rome is over the entire party will take side trips to the “Holy Land,” and up into the interior of Europe.  On returning, Dr. Ford may come via Nashville, but this is not certain.