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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.

In Loving Memory: Mrs. Mary Holt

From the May 20, 1960 issue of the Nashville Globe

Mrs. Mary Holt

In Loving memory of my dear wife; Mrs. Mary HOLT, who passed away one year ago, May 25, 1959.  Sis.  HOLT was the wife of the Rev. R.E. HOLT, pastor of the Olive Baptist Church.  And a devoted member of the said church.

Sleep on dear Wife
” ‘Tis God who thought best
To take you from this world of sorrow
To a lovely place of rest.”

Day by day I’m striving to meet you
In that fair Heavenly home,
” ‘Tis the land where all is happiness
Up there where sorrow is unknown.”

Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Angels guard thy sleeping clay.
I am working forward
To see you resurrection day.

Rev. R.E. Holt, husband
Church and Family