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Dr. Gregg Did Not Appear

Dr. Gregg Did Not Appear
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 1

Pursuant to Call Mass Meeting Assembles in St. John A.M.E. Church-Much Interest Shown in Coming National Endeavor League.

A representative body assembled at St. John A.M.E. Church Wednesday night to attend a mass meeting called to perfect arrangements for the entertainment of the National Allen Endeavor League which convenes in this city in July. Dr. E.J. Gregg, of Jacksonville, Fla., the secretary of that department in the African Methodist Church, was expected, but owing to unavoidable hindrances could not be present.

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Boone, pastor of the St. Paul A.M.E. Church, who read Romans 13th chapter and offered prayer. The choir sang “Nearer by God to thee.” Rev. I. H. Welch, D.D., Presiding Elder of the Nashville District, was elected chairman. D.A. Hart, President of the local leagues, was elected secretary. The President called on Dr. Haigler to give the meeting the information he had concerning the meeting to be held in July. He stated that he was in full possessions of all particulars, but that the handbook contained no laws governing national meetings, but by common consent it was agreed to be governed by the information in hand. The representative from the various churches were called for. The following named churches were represented: St. Paul, Salem, Payne Chapel and Ebenezer.

  • It was moved that one or more be appointed from each charge. Carried.
  • Rev. Boone was elected from St. Paul; St. John, D.A. Hart, I.H. Kelly; Payne Chapel, Mrs. M.J. Marshall; Ebenezer, Dr. Nathan Smith; Salem, Mrs. Martha Turner, Mrs. Ellen Stratton. Committee reported progress and asked for time.
  • Moved that the Committee have time to report. Carried.
  • Moved that the third Wednesday night in February be the date for the committee’s reports.
  • Moved that the mass meeting reassemble at St. Paul. Carried.
  • After the meeting adjourned all were invited to the basement where refreshments were served.

Surprise Party

Surprise Party
Nashville Globe – – January 18, 1907
Pg. 8

The kind members and friends of Salem A.M.E. Church gave to Rev. I. J. Edwards and wife a delightful surprise party last Friday night at 9:15. The party, led by Mr. W. H. Shelby, assembled around the table of the front room, where Mr. Shelby presented the many good things brought by the party to Rev. Edwards, who responded to the delight of all. The pastor concluded by saying that he felt sure that he could not get hungry soon in the midst of such a plenty. A few minutes were spent in social chat. The party was composed of Mr. W. H. Jones, Mrs. Georgia Scott, Mrs. Anna Robs, Mrs. Queeny Jones, Mrs. Lucy Shelby, Mrs. Emma Smith, Mrs. Georgia Newsom, Mrs. Susie Newsom, Miss Mary Hooper, Mrs. Sallie Goodall, Mrs. E. Stratton, Miss Martha Stratton, Master Scott and Miss Anna Bell Goodall. Before leaving Bro. Shelby addressed the throne of grace after which they sweetly sang, “God be with you till we meet again.” Benediction by the pastor, Rev. Edwards.

Sunday at the Second Baptist Church

Sunday at the Second Baptist Church
Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907
Pg. 6

Sunday, January 20, will be an important day at the Second Baptist Church, corner Stevens and Deluge streets, South Nashville, of which Rev. G. B. Taylor is pastor. This church will have a big rally the entire day. The purpose of the rally is to raise money to cancel the indebtness on the church and furniture. They have recently installed a very handsome quarter sawed oak pulpit, three beautiful gothic top, plain leather upholstered pulpit chairs, one marble top communion table and an entire set of the latest quarter-sawed oak church pews. These pews are possibly the newest in Nashville. The seat is curved bottom and back, straight seating, affording a comfortable, clean and up-to-date church pew. All of this furniture was secured from the Church Supply Department of the National Baptist Publishing Board, and Rev. Taylor is loud in his praises of the satisfaction given. A very unique program has been arranged for Sunday. Rev. R. H. Boyd will speak in the afternoon and Dr. E. W. D. Isaac at night. Other ministers have been invited to participate. Mr. Henry A. Boyd has been invited to act as Master of Ceremonies for the occasion. It is expected that South Nashville will turn out in full, as this new furniture is quite an addition to the church.

Goodlettsville Notes

Goodlettsville Notes

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907
pg. 6

  • Rev. Giles Davis, formerly pastor of Baker’s Chapel C.M.E. Church, preached here last Tuesday night to a large and appreciative audience.
  • Prof. G. W. Hynes made two exhibitions of his fine scene plays here last week.
  • Mrs. Emma Dozier spent last Sunday at Edgefield Junction.
  • Miss Anna L. Hendricks is spending this week at Ridgetop.
  • Mrs. Litha Grizzard visited Nashville this week.
  • Mr. Thomas Jones, of Nashville, visited Mr. Charles Finch last week. Mr. Finch was sick for several weeks, but he is well again.
  • Miss Rosa B. Hendricks is an important factor in the Congregational Sunday school.
  • Mrs. Willie Finch recently presented Rev. J. C. Russell with a box of fine linen paper and envelopes.
  • Rev. R. C. McLendon has matriculated at the Walden Theological Seminary.
  • Mrs. Kate Utley declares that the Globe is indispensable to real race growth.
  • Mr. Ernest Baker, who is temporarily residing in Nashville, visited relatives and friends last Sunday.
  • Mr. G. W. Haynes will preach at the Congregational Church next Sunday.
  • Miss Kittie Garrett begins the New Year by renewing her subscription for the Globe.
  • Mr. J. J. Green, a student of the college department of Fisk University, will visit here next Sunday and render assistance in religious services.
  • Mr. J. M. Payne takes advantage of every opportunity to widen the circulation of the Globe, and the fruits of his effort are seen in the new interest and race pride which this community has received within the past few months.
  • Messrs. Nicholas Matthews and Will Patton renewed their subscription for the Globe last week

A Presentation

Nashville Globe -January 18, 1907

The members of the Lea Avenue Christian Church presented their pastor, Elder Preston Taylor, with a handsome suit of clothes, hat and gloves before leaving for Florida. Elder Taylor has done a grand work at Lea Avenue Christian Church and his members try to show their appreciation in some way.

Society News – June 28, 1907

As published in the Nashville Globe:

These are a listing of notices posted – the label of “Society News” is mine. They do not fall under any particular section of the newspaper.

  • Dr. Garfield Glass, of class of ’98 Meharry Medical College, went to Dawson Springs last week for his health.
  • Miss Bashie Williams, of 1717 Tenth avenue, South, left last Saturday for Chicago.
  • Mrs. Lizzie Henderson, of Chicago, is the guest of her niece, Mrs. Nicholas Perkins, of 1512 Harding street.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robt. C. Eason spent a delightful afternoon Sunday in the country near Brentwood.
  • Mrs. C. McGann, of Eigth avenue, North, was confined to her room Tuesday by a a slight indisposition.
  • Mr. James H. Davis, of 610 Sylvan street, is very sick.
  • Mr. Robert Williams, of 115 Jackson street, is indisposed this week.
  • Mrs. Samuel Caruthers, of Columbia, with her children, “Bob” and Bona, will spend two weeks in the city visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Caruthers, of 611 Jo Johnston avenue.
  • Miss Ruthella, the little daughter of Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Bandy, has gone to the Hermitage to spend several weeks with her grandparents.
  • Miss Cora Allen, of the Baptist Publishing house, is confined at home on account of sickness.
  • Mrs. A. L. King, of Fourth avenue, South, is slightly indisposed.
  • Mrs. Missouri Allen, of Pulaski, Tenn., is visiting her brother, Prof. J.B. Batte.
  • Mrs. Josie O. Hughes is visiting relatives in the city.
  • Miss Sadie Stratton, of 632 Bass street, who has been very sick, is much improved.
  • Mrs. W. D. Chappelle and children are home after spending a while with relatives and friends at Columbia, S.C.
  • Isabella Horton, the world’s girl evangelist, will speak at Spruce Street Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon.
  • Mr. W.O. Tate, of Eighth avenue, North, is taking a week “off” for recuperation. Tuesday he spent the evening in the country with Dr. Noel, Wednesday he spent part of the day making rounds with Dr. Stewart, and the rest of the week was spent around and about home, working out of the program arranged daily by Mrs. Tate, his genial, affable and most industrious wife.