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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Dr. Roman at St. John

Nashville Globe
1 Mar 1907

Dr. C.V. Roman, the talented specialist, will address the Allen Christian Endeavor League at St. John A.M.E. Church Sunday evening at seven o’clock. Dr. Roman is one of the leading thinkers of the age. He has traveled and studied abroad, and is clean reasoner and a pleasant entertainer. It is always a rare treat to hear Dr. Roman and no one can listen to his words of instruction without being benefited. The endeavor league is making strenuous of the National Convention of Endeavors in July, and they feel highly complimented in having Dr. Roman to address the league on next Sunday evening at seven o’clock.


Tyree Camp Fifth Anniversary

Nashville Globe
1 Mar 1908

Residence of Mrs. E.G. Coffey Scene of Gala Meeting. Spacious Parlors Crowded to Their Utmost – Members and Friends Listen to Addresses and Reports with Keen Interest – Much Good Accomplished.

Tyree Camp, a branch of an organization of societies of the St. John A.M.E. Church, celebrated its fifth anniversary at the residence of Mrs. E.G. COFFEY on Thirteenth avenue North, last Friday evening. A large number of friends had been invited, and when Mrs. Sara ROSE called the meeting to order the parlors were crowded with the Camp members and the guests. Mrs. RHODES stated the purpose of the meeting, and announced the first number on program which was an instrumental selection by Miss Brucie Mai EWING, the talented organist of the St. John A.M.E. Church. Miss EWING was equal to the occasion, rendering her selection with grace and ease. Prayer was offered by Rev. C.E. ALEXANDER, pastor of the Hubbard Chapel M.E. Church. Miss Mattie E. ALEXANDER, daughter of the Rev. ALEXANDER rendered an instrumental solo which was highly enjoyed by all.

Mrs. E.C. COFFEY, president of the Tyree Camp, was then introduced. She gave a brief history of the camp, noting its accomplishments during the five years it had been in existence. She told of the efforts put forth, and how friends of other churches had helped them in the struggle.

Miss Lizzie DICKERSON was the next to speak. Miss DICKERSON is secretary of all the several camps working in the interest of the church. She gave the statistics of money collected and how the same had been expended. Her statement showed that the camps have raised nearly $2,599 and had paid the whole, less expenses, on the church debt. Mrs. Lula ALLEN, who was one of the first to join in the Camp work, spoke words of praise and encouragement. Dr. M.J. GREGG, D.D., of Jacksonville, Fla., who is the corresponding secretary of the Allen Christian Endeavor Department of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, was the next speaker He said the twentieth century promised to be the woman’s age. The coming of Christ brought her emancipation, and in this age she has ceased to be considered as a beast of burden, but as truly man’s companion and helper. He spoke in glowing terms of the great accomplishments by the women of the St. John. A.M.E. Church and wished for them continued success.

Miss Vera L. MOORE, a member of the faculty at Walden University, rendered an instrumental solo. Miss MOORE’s rendition was above the average and brought forth great applause.

Bishop E. TYREE, for whom the Camp is named, was the next speaker. He said he had watched the work of the Camps with much interest and was proud to have his name identified with them. Bishop TYREE said since the time he received a telegram from Dr. WATSON, the secretary of the Church’s Extension Board to represent at the sale of the church, several years ago, and to save the property he had received many for acting as he did; but he considered the telegram from the Church Extension Secretary to mean what it contained and he acted. However, all were compelled to admit now that it was the best investment that had been made by the board during its history. He said the fact that the Baptists and other friends had helped the Camp members to save St. John A.M.E. Church was as it ought to be and it should be so in every struggle the race has. The dominant race has taken everything from us but the churches and school houses, and when one of them is in peril every Negro, irrespective of creed, should put his shoulder to the wheel and help push.

Dr. T.W. HAIGLER, pastor of the church for which the camp is working, was the last speaker. He said he has been given the new name of fussy pastor, but as long as the dollars continued to roll in he would continue fussing. He said he was very much concerned about the “something else” he had heard mentioned and would not be lengthy in his remarks, but would get out of the way for the “something else.”

Miss Vera L. MOORE rendered another of her choice selections and the exercises were brought to a close. The guests were invited to the dining hall where all were served to the sumptuous repast served in buffet style in courses, after which the fifth anniversary of Tyree Camp celebration passed into history.

Dr. Gregg Did Not Appear

Dr. Gregg Did Not Appear
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 1

Pursuant to Call Mass Meeting Assembles in St. John A.M.E. Church-Much Interest Shown in Coming National Endeavor League.

A representative body assembled at St. John A.M.E. Church Wednesday night to attend a mass meeting called to perfect arrangements for the entertainment of the National Allen Endeavor League which convenes in this city in July. Dr. E.J. Gregg, of Jacksonville, Fla., the secretary of that department in the African Methodist Church, was expected, but owing to unavoidable hindrances could not be present.

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Boone, pastor of the St. Paul A.M.E. Church, who read Romans 13th chapter and offered prayer. The choir sang “Nearer by God to thee.” Rev. I. H. Welch, D.D., Presiding Elder of the Nashville District, was elected chairman. D.A. Hart, President of the local leagues, was elected secretary. The President called on Dr. Haigler to give the meeting the information he had concerning the meeting to be held in July. He stated that he was in full possessions of all particulars, but that the handbook contained no laws governing national meetings, but by common consent it was agreed to be governed by the information in hand. The representative from the various churches were called for. The following named churches were represented: St. Paul, Salem, Payne Chapel and Ebenezer.

  • It was moved that one or more be appointed from each charge. Carried.
  • Rev. Boone was elected from St. Paul; St. John, D.A. Hart, I.H. Kelly; Payne Chapel, Mrs. M.J. Marshall; Ebenezer, Dr. Nathan Smith; Salem, Mrs. Martha Turner, Mrs. Ellen Stratton. Committee reported progress and asked for time.
  • Moved that the Committee have time to report. Carried.
  • Moved that the third Wednesday night in February be the date for the committee’s reports.
  • Moved that the mass meeting reassemble at St. Paul. Carried.
  • After the meeting adjourned all were invited to the basement where refreshments were served.