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New Masonic Lodge

Nashville Globe
1 Mar 1907

Through the efforts of Prof. R.C. Jernagin, a new Masonic lodge to be known as the East Nashville Lodge, has been organized.  Tuesday night East Star Lodge conferred the finishing degrees upon about twenty-five or thirty of the members of the new lodge and those will meet tonight at the Odd-Fellows Hall to complete the organization.  The lodge is composed almost exclusively of young men, a majority of whom live on the east side of the river.  The initatory work was conducted with that thoroughness that characterizes the work of East Star.


Sons & Daughters of Abraham

Nashville Globe
Feb 22, 1907

Sons and Daughters of Abraham. Lewis Lodge, No. 1, Sons and Daughters of Abraham, met at Hightower’s Hall, Thursday evening, February 14, for the purpose of installing officers for the ensuing term. The following were installed: T.M. Rideout, W.S.; Mrs. Alice Davis, V.S.; Nat Jones, F.J.; W.J. Baugus, Chaplain; W. Macoroy, Conductor; Mrs. M.L. Amos, Secretary; Mr. L. Jones, Assistant Secretary; Jere Amos, Treasurer; E. Bivens, Lecturer.

Mr. Rideout installed the officers in a most impressive manner. Chaplain Baugus read a communication from the courts re-establishing the rights of Lewis Lodge. Mr. E. Bivens, who with his associations, has worked constantly for the Lodge during the past eighteen months, exhibited the old charter. After the installation, the ladies served a delightful repast.

City Items – Feb 22, 1907 (Part 1)

Nashville Globe – City Items (Part 1)
February 22, 1907

  • The Households of Ruth, the ladies department of the Odd Fellows, had their installation in the Odd Fellows hall on Spring street, East Nashville, Monday night. After a business meeting it was turned over to a committee and it proved one of the most enjoyable social gatherings of the season. The tables were elaborately decorated in ferns and palm, and a four course menu was served.
  • Mr. Frank Carter, of Ohio, accompanied by his wife, is in the city, the guests of his mother, Mrs. Ella Carter of Lischey Avenue.
  • Mr. George Darden, of Williams street, is suffering from a sprained ankle caused by a fall.
  • Mrs. Julia Bosley, of St. Louis, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Kennedy, who live across the new bridge on Hyde’s Ferry Pike. She has been out of the city for twenty years. Mrs. Bosley is the sister of Mr. Fred Bains.
  • Mrs. Annie Hatcher has been very sick for two weeks at her residence, 62 Green street.
  • Miss Alberta R. Harrison, of 1226 Fourth avenue, South, was very much delighted over the birthday present which she received from her little niece Alberta Bell Porter, of Chicago, Ill.
  • Miss Bettie E. Allen, of Twenty-first avenue, entertained in honor of a few friends last Thursday evening. The features of the evening were whist and other games. The parlor was beautifully arrayed in palms and vines. Among those present were Johnnie Avy and Lizella, of Murfreesboro, Kate Boze, Julia McChristine, Daisy McRoberts, Messrs. R.M. Mason, Arthur Harris, John Massey, John McCoy, Dr. Johnson. A two-course menu was served.
  • Miss Daisy Roberts left Nashville Saturday in route to Algood, Tenn., where she will attend the bedside of her father, who is very sick.
  • The Marechal Niel Club held a pleasant meeting Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Julia Flagg, at her home on Eighth street. They added three new members to the club. The Flagg home was beautified with ferns, and refreshments were served during the fine social hours. Interesting topics were brought before the club and matters of general interest discussed.
  • Col. B.F. Johnson, Uniform Rank, K. of P., of Chattanooga, Tenn., spent last Friday in the city attending the meeting of the Endowment Board of the Knights of Pythias.
  • Mrs. Cage Cannon, who has been ill, is able to be out again.
  • Mr. N.N. Reynolds, of Pulaski, spent Friday and Saturday in the city. Mr. Reynolds is Grand Lecturer for the Court of Calanthe and reports that the order is progressing.
  • Mr. B.J. Fernandis, of Memphis, spent three days in the city last week attending the regular quarterly meeting of the Endowment Board of the Knights of Pythias.
  • President Merrill, of Fisk University, addressed the congregation after the regular sermon at the First Street Baptist Church Sunday morning. The sermon, which was a very powerful one, was preached by the pastor, Rev. W.S. Ellington.
  • Miss Mamie L. Alexander, of Providence, Tenn., spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Matilda Alexander, of 704 Ewing avenue.
  • Mrs. Marie Ransoms, of William street, gave an elegant luncheon Tuesday evening, her guests including Mrs. A. Julius Williams, Mrs. Mabel Overton, Mrs. C. McGavock, and Mrs. Mamie Turner. The table was radiant in decorations, the table having a centerpiece of a cluster of crimson & purple.

Banquet to the Endowment Board. Knights of Pythias

Nashville Globe – February 22, 1907

It is seldom that a more representaive body of Pythians have been assembled in Nashville than that which gathered at Wells’ Cafe Friday night to banquet the members of the Endowment Board of the Order of Knights of Pythias. Men representing the various walks of life from which the membership of this great Order is composed met and vied with each other as it were, in doing honor to the men who have so successfully administered to the endowment funds of the Order as to draw forth the highest encomiums from the state insurance department.

The banquet was under the auspices of the Past Chancellors Council of this city. The guests were seatred around one long table with the toastmaster, Sir E.C. McNairy, and Grand Chancellor, Dr. J.P. Crawford, at the head; Grand Worthy Councillor, Dr. R. F. Boyd, of the Court of Calanthe, at the foot, while the members of the Endowment Board were seated to the right and the left of the head of the table.

The excellent supper, which had been prepared by the Knight Wells in his usual sumptous styel, and served in courses, had about reached the second to the last course, when the toastmaster, in his inimitable style, welcomed the guests of the evening and introduced Dr. J.P. Crawford, the Grand Chancellor, who responded to the toast: “Progress of Pythianism in Tennessee.”

Dr. Crawford eloquently traced the growth of the Grand Lodge from its inception, when there were only eleven lodges in the state, to the present time when the number is near the one hundred mark. He pictured the misgivings which many of the members of the state felt when the Lodge decided to assume the endowment and recited a few figures to show how successful the said department had proven. When he said that the funds of the department had grown to a total in excess of $13,000, his auditors burst into applause.

The next speaker on the program was Dr. R.F. Boyd, Supreme Medical Registrar, Surgeon General of the Uniform Rank, Grand Worthy Councillor of the Court of Calanthe, who responded to the toast, “Success and It’s Attainments.” Dr. Boyd gave some of the early history of Pythianism in Nashville, as he recollected it, and then branching to the Court of Calanthe, he eulogized the work of the women’s department, showing how against handicaps, the department had met such glowing success.

Other responses were made by N.N. Reynolds, Grand Lecturer of the Court of Calanthe, and District Grand Deputy of the Knights of Pythias, of Pulaski, Tenn.: W.F. Reynolds, President of the Endowment Baord, of Franklin; B.F. Johnson, Treasurer of the Endowment Board, Chattanooga: B.J. Fernandis, member of the Endowment Baord, Memphis; Dr. A.M. Townsend, Grand Medical Registrar; J.B. Batte, John Cunnigham. At the conclusion of the remarks of Sir Cunningham, Sir J.O. Battle arose and after a few introductory remarks, offered the following resolutions:

Whereas, We, the members of the Past Chancellors’ and guests assembled to banquet the members of the Endowment Board, note the absence of our dearly beloved brother, Sir W.L. Cansler, Secretary of the Endowment and a pioneer of the work in the state: therefor be it

Resolved, That we hereby express our heartfelt regret that oru true and tried brother is prevented from being with us on account of illness, and we hereby tender to him our sympathy and testify our hope that he will soon be returned to us completely restored in health. Be it further

Resolved. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to our stricken brother and a copy furnished the Nashville Globe for publication.

On motion of Sir S.P. Harris, who also spoke of the work of Prof. Cansler, the resolutions were adopted unanimously by a rising vote.

Sir. A.W. Gleaves, Grand Outer Guard, pronounced the benediction.

Those present were: B.J. Fernandis, Memphis; B.F. Johnson, Chattanooga; W.F. Reynolds, Franklin; N.N. Reynolds, Pulaski; Moses McKissick, Pulaski; Dr. J.P. Crawford, L.O. Battle, S.P. Harris, R.E. Gee, Dr. R.F. Boyd, Porter D. Streator, Daniel Carter, Green F. Anderson, A.W. Gleaves, John Cunningham, J.W. Blaine, J.B. Batte, T. Clay Moore, E.C. McNairy, Dr. A.M. Townsend, R. L. Mayfield.