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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Township Tuesday – Ebenezer Notes

Township Tuesday posts will share news specific to a township of local relevance.

Nashville Globe
1 Mar 1907

Ebenezer Notes

  • Mr. and Mrs. William Lusk, entertained February 21, in honor of their daughter and son, Naomi and William.  The dining room was beautifully decorated with flowers.  A menu of four courses was served.  Among those present were Misses Bettie Lusk, Addie Sledge, Mamie Upshaw, Bettie Willie B. Ewing, Annie Mae Terry, Annie Hall, Parlee Winston, Cornelia Battle, M. Baty, Messrs. McIntosh, Price, Joe Keeling, Thos. Ridley, James Jennings, T. Davis, Will McGee, W. Buchanan, Thos. Keeling, C. Yancey, M. Hall, B. Hall, G. Howlett, K. Gordan, Isaac Miller, Author Walker.
  • The Walker Town boys and the Lusk Town boys, of the Mt. Zion school, divided themselves into two clubs for the purpose of having ball games.  Those of the Walker Town are A. Walker, J. Epeland, Isaac Miller,  Dock Hall, Eddie Hall, Matthew Hall, and Beasley.   Those of the Lusk Town are W. Buchanan, A. Buchanan, Thos. Keeling, Sanford Keeling, W. Burnett, G. Howlett and C. Yancey.  The games began at 12 o’clock and closed at three o’clock.  The Walker Town won.  Mrs. William Ross and Miss Della Buchanan, their teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan were the lookers on.
  • The Lithia Club was organized with 20 members last Tuesday night.
  • Mr. William Martin left Tuesday evening for his home at 1069 Hatch street, St. Paul, Minn.  He has spent six weeks in Hot Springs, taking baths for rheumatism, which was successful.  He stopped in Nashville a few days, seeing old friends.  He once lived in Nashville, but has made his home in the North for the last 30 years.  He was married about eight years ago to the widow of the distinguished Rev. Pickett,  who lost his life in a hotel fire in New York.  While here he was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Waters of 18 Claiborne street.

Ebenezer Notes – 22 Feb 1907

  • Prof. Ford Green delivered a very interesting address to the Sunday school on February 17.
  • Rev. J.A. Bryant, a firm believer in industrial education, preached a very helpful sermon Sunday at 11:30.  He delivered an address on last Tuesday night on industrial education.
  • Mrs. Copeland of Ebenezer, has planned to organize a ladies’ reading circle to meet at the homes of each month.
  • The rally set for last Sunday met with great success.  The sum of $16.25 was raise at the morning service.
  • Mrs. Keeling, who has been in St. Louis for quite a time, is back home again.  She was visiting her mother who died while she was there.
  • Mr. Elmore Telford and James Harding Jr, are new subscribers for the Globe.  Mrs Anna Walker is agent.
  • Miss Hattie F. Henley is expected to be called to Chicago very soon to the bedside of her mother.
  • Mr. Hickman Jenkins has bought him a farm near the Glade.  He also owns other real estates in the Fifteenth District.  Mr. Jenkins is a very industrious young man.

Ebenezer Notes – 15 Feb 1907

Ebenezer Notes
Nashville Globe – February 15, 1907
Pg. 1

The Ebenezer Stock Company presented for the sixth time at Foster’s Chapel, “A Woman’s Way.” This play has taken so well that they hesitate to stage their new play, “A Sad Mistake.” Seay Chapel has secured their service for the 26th of February.

Mr. Allen Copeland and Mr. Early Jenkins are new subscribers for the Globe. Mr. Copeland is highly pleased with the Globe, and expresses himself in the following way: “I think the Globe is the most interesting colored paper in the United States,” and as he has traveled a deal we must take his word for it.

Mrs. Blanche Keeling is up.

Ebenezer Notes – Jan 25, 1907

Ebenezer Notes
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 2

  • Miss Lillie Hall is improving rapidly.
  • To the great number of Negro enterprises has been added another successful one , the Ebenezer Theatrical Stock Co. Miss Hattie E. Henley, the prima donna, playing double parts, is unexcelled in any amateur company. Mr. James Andrew McIntosh, in the role of “Gramp,” deserves much credit for the masterly way in which he has taken to theatrical work. He is a talent as a whole is good. This week was a fine one, with three engagement. Ed Harding, as an up-to-date tramp, is the whole show, and always on the spot.
  • The Alpha Knights Society nominated its officers Monday night for the year.

Ebeneger Notes – January 18, 1907

Ebenezer Notes – January 18, 1907 (pg. 5) of the Nashville Globe

  • Mrs. Eva D. Hanna, of Birmingham, Ala., is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. J. Neal, who is quite sick on the Murfreesboro road.
  • Miss Lillie J. Hall, who has been very ill at her home on Elm Hill avenue, is much better.
  • Mrs. Frank Johnson, of the Murfreesboro road, is sick.
  • Eddie Martin has been quite sick, but is slowly improving.