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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Goodlesttville Notes (1 Mar 1907)

Nashville Globe – 1 Mar 1907

Goodlettsville Notes 

  • Mr. William Johnson, one of our most energetic young men, gains much inspiration and race pride from reading the Globe. 
  • Miss Anna L. Hendricks returned from Nashville last Sunday morning and will spend a few weeks at home. 
  • Mr. Luther Crosswye, so long a faithful deacon of the Congregational Church, is now suffering with la grippe.
  • Mr. David Cantrell has been compelled to drop the Globe for a while; but conditions are growing better and he will renew his subscription soon. 
  • Through the efforts of Rev. R.C. McLendon, a teacher of instrumental music has been secured, and many of the young people will join the class.
  • Miss Kittie Garrett is always prompt in renewing her subscription.  May all follow her example

Goodlettsville Notes – 25 Jan 1907

Goodlettsville Notes
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 5

  • Services of both the Methodist and Congregational churches were well attended last Sunday.
  • Miss Anna L. Hendricks, the skilled seamstress of Goodlettsville, has resumed work in Nashville
  • Mr. Jesse Baker has returned from Columbus, Ohio
  • Messrs. William and Otto Johnson will continue to be subscribers of the Globe.
  • Miss Eunice A. Hendricsk is spending this week at Ridgetop.
  • Mrs. Emma Joiner has renewed her subscription for the Globe.
  • Miss Lula Thomas, who is temporarily residing in Nashville at the home of her brother, will visit her parents and friends next Sunday.
  • It is hoped that all subscribers who are behind with the Globe will promptly pay up. If they fail to do so, the paper will necessarily be stopped. It is not run on the credit system; and those wo have been especially accommodated according to this system certainly ought to appreciate the favor and meet their obligations.

Goodlettsville Notes

Goodlettsville Notes

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907
pg. 6

  • Rev. Giles Davis, formerly pastor of Baker’s Chapel C.M.E. Church, preached here last Tuesday night to a large and appreciative audience.
  • Prof. G. W. Hynes made two exhibitions of his fine scene plays here last week.
  • Mrs. Emma Dozier spent last Sunday at Edgefield Junction.
  • Miss Anna L. Hendricks is spending this week at Ridgetop.
  • Mrs. Litha Grizzard visited Nashville this week.
  • Mr. Thomas Jones, of Nashville, visited Mr. Charles Finch last week. Mr. Finch was sick for several weeks, but he is well again.
  • Miss Rosa B. Hendricks is an important factor in the Congregational Sunday school.
  • Mrs. Willie Finch recently presented Rev. J. C. Russell with a box of fine linen paper and envelopes.
  • Rev. R. C. McLendon has matriculated at the Walden Theological Seminary.
  • Mrs. Kate Utley declares that the Globe is indispensable to real race growth.
  • Mr. Ernest Baker, who is temporarily residing in Nashville, visited relatives and friends last Sunday.
  • Mr. G. W. Haynes will preach at the Congregational Church next Sunday.
  • Miss Kittie Garrett begins the New Year by renewing her subscription for the Globe.
  • Mr. J. J. Green, a student of the college department of Fisk University, will visit here next Sunday and render assistance in religious services.
  • Mr. J. M. Payne takes advantage of every opportunity to widen the circulation of the Globe, and the fruits of his effort are seen in the new interest and race pride which this community has received within the past few months.
  • Messrs. Nicholas Matthews and Will Patton renewed their subscription for the Globe last week