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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Mrs. Wilson Entertains

Nashville Globe – 22 Feb 1907

Mrs. Katie Wilson entertained Sunday evening at a six o’clock ten in honor of the Endowment Bureau that convened in Nashville Saturday, February 16, 1907.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. White, Mrs. M.A. Turner, of Pulaski; Dr. R.F. Boyd, Mrs. Sallie Ferguson, Mrs. Ellen Franklin, Mrs. Willa Townsend, Mrs. Eliza Irvin, Mrs. Hattie Irvin, Mrs. Nettie Puckett, Mrs. Ida Abston,  Mrs. Easter Robertson, Sir Knight Reynolds,  Mrs. Sarah Harding, Mrs. Mattie Bowling, Mrs. Lena Anderson.

The menu consisted of roast turkey, scalloped oysters, corn, green peas, celery, tomatoes, stuffed eggs, pickles, croquette on parsley, fruit salad served with whipped cream, cheese sandwiches, brick cream and cake.


Elaborate Dinner

Elaborate Dinner
February 15, 1907
Pg. 3

An elaborate dinner was served at the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Franklin, 924 Main street, East Nashville, last Sunday, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Draper. The table was richly decorated with silver, the centerpiece being of Battenberg, with pink under it, in the center of which was a pot of azalea with ferns. Those seated at the table were Rev. and Mrs. Flagg, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Draper, Miss Vera Moore, Dr. Dunston, Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, Miss Mittie White, Miss Suella Beard, Miss Sallie Ezell, Miss Minnie Bramlett, Mrs. Sallie Norman, Miss Queenie Arnold, Mr. Evans, Mrs. David Ferguson, and Miss L. A. Banks.

The menu consisted of frappe, celery soup and crackers, roast turkey, chicken or parsely, with dressing; cream potatoes, cranberries, corn, celery, beaten biscuits, sweet peach pickles, green peas, mixed sweet pickles, Waldo salad with white grapes on lettuce leaf, cakes, ices, black coffee and cheese sandwiches. At a late hour the guests retired complimenting Mr. and Mrs. Franklin’s home and how grandly they had been entertained.

Misses Stanton Entertained

Misses Stanton Entertained
February 15, 1907
Pg. 2

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Anderson, of 639 Bass street, entertained Thursday night, February 7, in honor of Misses Eddie and Florence Staton, of Columbia. An excellent time was had; refreshments were served and at a late hour the guests departed declaring that they had enjoyed themselves as never before. Those present beside the guests of honor were Misses Auttie M. Ransom, Anna Rucker, Nellie Rucker Williams, Messrs. Claud Lee, R. G. Johnston, John Russer and Harris.

Heliotrope Circle – 15 Feb 1907

Heliotrope Circle
Nashville Globe – February 15, 1907
Pg. 1

A regular meeting of the Heliotrope Circle was held last week at the residence of Mrs. Randall Hardiman, on Seventh avenue, South. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Durand Houston, the president, and after the usual preliminaries, there was a display of embroidery for an hour or more. Later in the evening, a two-course menu was served. The next meeting will be held at 3 o’clock on the afternoon of the fourth Monday at the residence of Mrs. W. W. Hill, 801 Ewing avenue.

Mrs. Hicks Entertained

Mrs. Hicks Entertained
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 7

Miss Drusilla M. Hill highly entertained Friday, Jan. 8., in honor of her cousin, Mrs. H.R. Hicks, of Indianapolis, Ind., who will leave soon for her home. The evening was pleasantly spent. Games and dancing were the features of the evening. A two-course menu was served. The guests present were Mrs. H.R. Hicks, of Indianapolis, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lyerson, Misses Zenith McCathen, of Paragon Mills, Tenn.; Janie Hill, Drusiclla M. and Mary B. Hill, Messrs. Ewing and Robert Dobson, Johnson Cockrill and Underwood, Drs. Bryant, Wallace, McKever and Bowman.

Bi-monthly meeting of Fleur-de-lis Club

Bi-monthly meeting of Fleur-de-lis Club
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 6

The regular bi-monthly meeting of the Fleur-de-lis Club was held on Thursday evening, January 17, at the residence of Mrs. D. A. Hart, 1726 Jefferson street. A goodly number of the members were in attendance. Mrs. W.R. Baker, the president, stated that there was no special topic for discussion, consequently the ladies discussed the leading topics of the day. Many interesting talks were made, all the members evidencing unusual familiarity with the live questions before the country at the time. The members of the Club are doing Battenburg this season, and each lady present was working some beautiful design.

Mrs. Lizzie Harper, of Montgomery City, Mo., cousin to Mrs. Hart, the hostess, was a visitor, and was introduced to the Club. She made an interesting talk and expressed in the highest terms her pleasure in meeting the ladies engaged in such a grand work. After the business session the ladies repaired to the dining room and were served to an elegant repast.

The Club has been in existence seven years, and has accomplished much in art and the home.

A Young Surgeon

A Young Surgeon
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 5

The youngest surgeon known in the South is Solomon Parker Harris, Jr., 1730 Jefferson street. He is only six years old, but has performed some very difficult operations on chickens, fish, etc. He bids fair to become the leading surgeon in the country.

Miss Mahan Returns to the City

Miss Mahan Returns to the City
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 4

Miss Belma Mahan, of the stenographic force of the Baptist Publishing House, returned from her home at Little Rock, Ark. , last Sunday night, and is now at her post of duty. Miss Mahan was called to the bedside of her father who has been very sick for the past two or three weeks. At the present writing he is much better and hopes are entertained for his speedy recovery.

My Note: Belma’s father’s name was Pleasant and her mother’s name was Almira. I found the family living in Little Rock Ward 5. Belma was born in November of 1884 and in 1900 had two living siblings, a sister named Mary and a brother named George. In the 1910 census, she is listed a a boarder in Nashville. Her father is still in Little Rock, but her mother has passed. Her sister Mary is now Mary Conway and has a daughter named Theodoria.

A Jolly Time

A Jolly Time

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907
pg. 6

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. I. Henderson entertained a number of their friends Friday evening, January 4, in honor of their sister, Mrs. Blanche Henderson, of Chicago, Ill. Games and music were the principal features of the evening. The guests remembered the host and hostess with cheering toast during the time of the repast. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bently, Misses Virginia Broughton, Sadie Winston, Hattie Watkins and Molly Hadley, Messrs. A. R. Stump, Searcy R. Johnson, Cockrill and S. L. Carter.

Rev. Beckham to Leave

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907

Rev. Beckham to Leave (pg. 6)

Rev. Wm. Beckham is planning to leave the city soon. He has been home since early part of December, having undergone a successful operation. He is now able to get out and will spend possibly two or three months on the road before returning to Nashville. A very long itinerary of their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe, is being arranged as follows:

Jan. 23, 24, 25, Bowling Green, Ky.; Jan 27, Memphis, Tenn.; Jan 29, 30 Cairo, Ill.; Jan 31, Feb. 1, Louisville, Ky.; Feb 2, 3, Cincinnati, O.; Feb 4, Indianapolis, Ind.; Feb. 5, Franklin, Ind.; Feb 7 and 8, Chicago, Ill.; Feb. 9 and 12, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Feb 13, Dayton, O.; Feb 14, Springfield, O.; Feb 15 to 19, Columbus, O.; Feb. 20 to 22, Pittsburg, Pa.; Feb. 23 to 24, Wheeting, W. Va.; Feb. 25 to 26, Washington, D.C. The new dates will be made some time in next week.