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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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East Side Social

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907

East Side Social (pg. 5)
Mrs. Clara Chester enertained Thursday night at supper in honor of Mr. Richard Harding, formerly of Nashvlle, but now of Pulaski, Ill. A three-course menu was served, which all enjoyed. Those seated at the beautifuly arranged table were as follows: Misses Mattie Ezell, S.A. Ezell, Mr. Richard Harding, Mr. Will Davis, Mr. Ambrose Bennett, Dr. R. B. Woodson, Dr. J. Bright and Rev. T. J. Goodall. Mr. Harding has been in the city one month visiting relatives and friends and will leave Friday morning for Illinois.


Miss Hester O. Brown Returns to Nashville

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907 (pg. 4)

Miss Hester O. Brown, the accomplished violinist of Cleveland, Ohio has returned to the city from a trip to several cities in Alabama. While away she visited the A. and M. College at Normal, Ala., of which the proficient Prof. Council is principal. She also gave recitals at Decatur and Huntsville.

After much persuasion, Miss Brown has consented to stop over here and favor the people of Nashville with two or three recitals. Her first appearance will be at the Spruce Street Baptist Church some time next week. It is a great treat to hear Miss Brown. Her selections are all classical and she renders them with grace and ease.

Ladies Relief Society

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907
Ladies Relief Society (pg. 3)

The Ladies Relief Society, of East Nashville, will hold its next meeting Monday, January 21, at the residence of Mrs. Ellen Vance, No. 52 Seventh street. The society is moving on nicely and doing much good in the way of relieving the poor and needy.

Mrs. Mary J. Marshall, Pres.
Mrs. Mary Nunnelly, Sec’y.

Society News – June 28, 1907

As published in the Nashville Globe:

These are a listing of notices posted – the label of “Society News” is mine. They do not fall under any particular section of the newspaper.

  • Dr. Garfield Glass, of class of ’98 Meharry Medical College, went to Dawson Springs last week for his health.
  • Miss Bashie Williams, of 1717 Tenth avenue, South, left last Saturday for Chicago.
  • Mrs. Lizzie Henderson, of Chicago, is the guest of her niece, Mrs. Nicholas Perkins, of 1512 Harding street.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robt. C. Eason spent a delightful afternoon Sunday in the country near Brentwood.
  • Mrs. C. McGann, of Eigth avenue, North, was confined to her room Tuesday by a a slight indisposition.
  • Mr. James H. Davis, of 610 Sylvan street, is very sick.
  • Mr. Robert Williams, of 115 Jackson street, is indisposed this week.
  • Mrs. Samuel Caruthers, of Columbia, with her children, “Bob” and Bona, will spend two weeks in the city visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Caruthers, of 611 Jo Johnston avenue.
  • Miss Ruthella, the little daughter of Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Bandy, has gone to the Hermitage to spend several weeks with her grandparents.
  • Miss Cora Allen, of the Baptist Publishing house, is confined at home on account of sickness.
  • Mrs. A. L. King, of Fourth avenue, South, is slightly indisposed.
  • Mrs. Missouri Allen, of Pulaski, Tenn., is visiting her brother, Prof. J.B. Batte.
  • Mrs. Josie O. Hughes is visiting relatives in the city.
  • Miss Sadie Stratton, of 632 Bass street, who has been very sick, is much improved.
  • Mrs. W. D. Chappelle and children are home after spending a while with relatives and friends at Columbia, S.C.
  • Isabella Horton, the world’s girl evangelist, will speak at Spruce Street Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon.
  • Mr. W.O. Tate, of Eighth avenue, North, is taking a week “off” for recuperation. Tuesday he spent the evening in the country with Dr. Noel, Wednesday he spent part of the day making rounds with Dr. Stewart, and the rest of the week was spent around and about home, working out of the program arranged daily by Mrs. Tate, his genial, affable and most industrious wife.