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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Lecture by Rev. R.H. Boyd

Lecture by Rev. R. H. Boyd, D.D. LL. D., Tabernacle Baptist Church.

I really like the images in this paper. I have now posted several articles that mention Rev. Boyd and he was a man of prominence during this period of Nashville history.


Anti-Consumption League

Anti-Consumption League
Nashville Globe – February 1, 1907
Pg. 2

The Anti-consumption League met at the First Baptist Church with large attendance. After the object of the meeting was stated by the president, Dr. R. F. Boyd, many physicians expressed themselves as to their intentions to do all in their power to push this work to success. Dr. Merrill, president of Fisk University, was present. He complimented this move and brought out many interesting points, and asked the physicians had they ever thought why it was that this dreaded disease seemed to be more prevalent among the boys than girls, as it seemed to be rule in his school?

As the physicians are anxious to create an interest, by common consent of the league, the President was authorized to appoint physicians to speak at the various churches providing it met the approval of the Minister’s League of the city. The following appointments were made for Sunday, February 3:

  • St. Paul, Dr. J. H. Hale
  • Mt. Olive, Dr. F. A. Steward
  • Clark Memorial, Dr. R. F. Boyd
  • Spruce Street Baptist – Dr. A. M. Townsend
  • Little Bethel – Dr. H. T. Geeder
  • First Baptist – Dr. S. S. Caruthers
  • First Baptist, East Nashville – Dr. G. H. Bandy

The meeting was adjourned to meet at St. John’s A.M.E. Church, Thursday night, Feb. 7.

Sunday at the Second Baptist Church

Sunday at the Second Baptist Church
Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907
Pg. 6

Sunday, January 20, will be an important day at the Second Baptist Church, corner Stevens and Deluge streets, South Nashville, of which Rev. G. B. Taylor is pastor. This church will have a big rally the entire day. The purpose of the rally is to raise money to cancel the indebtness on the church and furniture. They have recently installed a very handsome quarter sawed oak pulpit, three beautiful gothic top, plain leather upholstered pulpit chairs, one marble top communion table and an entire set of the latest quarter-sawed oak church pews. These pews are possibly the newest in Nashville. The seat is curved bottom and back, straight seating, affording a comfortable, clean and up-to-date church pew. All of this furniture was secured from the Church Supply Department of the National Baptist Publishing Board, and Rev. Taylor is loud in his praises of the satisfaction given. A very unique program has been arranged for Sunday. Rev. R. H. Boyd will speak in the afternoon and Dr. E. W. D. Isaac at night. Other ministers have been invited to participate. Mr. Henry A. Boyd has been invited to act as Master of Ceremonies for the occasion. It is expected that South Nashville will turn out in full, as this new furniture is quite an addition to the church.

Annual Report of the One Cent Savings Bank – January 25, 1907

As published in the Nashville Globe

Following below is the link to the Annual Report of the One Cent Savings Bank as published in the January 25th, 1907 issue of the Nashville Globe. The report consists of an address given by President R.H. Boyd. Rev. W.D. Chappelle started the meeting with prayer.

The paper also includes a financial report from the Comptroller, that I have not yet indexed (I plan to come back to it).

Read the Report here.

The newspaper article also includes these pictures – they are not that great in terms of quality of my scan, but I thought I’d include them anyway.