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    The Jubilee Singers. (1875). Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.
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Birthday Party

Nashville Globe
1 Mar 1907

Mr. and Mrs. James Claiborne, of 1615 Patterson street, gave a birthday party last Monday in honor of their son James. A three-course menu was served the following guests: Misses Mabel Pashal, Sadie Wilson, Maggie D. Cheatham, Louise Richardson, Mollie Brown, Mary Holland, Jessie M. Randolph, Alberta Cole, Clara Watters, Beatrice Perry, Susie L. Weakly, Bessie Mays, Almor A. Schott, Anna Wilson, Masters Frank Luckett, Finly Gains, Charles Jones, James Gains, Thomas Brooke, John Barnes, John E. Richardson, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Clayborne, of Brentwood, Mrs. Lue Watters of Frankllin, Miss Mattie Pock, of New York; Messrs. William McNeily and William Farmer, of Chicago, and Mrs. Sallie Wison. Music was furnished by Mesrs. John Claiborne, Jake Nelson and James Claiborne, Sr.


Birthday Party

Nashville Globe – 22 Feb 1907  (pg. 3)

Miss Sallie P. Green,
of 1602 Eleventh avenue, North, entertained Tuesday night, February 12, in honor of the birthday of her sister, Miss Lena Green.  The house was beautifully decorated for the occasion with cut flowers and potted plants.  Each one of the guests was given a bouquet of flowers as a souvenir.  Music and dancing was the order of the evening.  A menu of several courses was served.  Among those present were Mesdames C. Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Plater, Misses Rosa B. Bailey,  Miss Sallie Smith, of East Nashville, Katie Polk, Cassie Dodson, Maggie Green, Bessie Harding, Willa Washington, Gertrude and Altha Stratton, Lena and Sallie Green, Messrs. Geo. W. Smith, Jr., of East Nashville, Edie Polk, Sanders Woodard, Dave Washington, Walter Morris, <…> Mays, Jeronah Cannon and Douglass Harding.

Birthday Party for Ollie Patrick

Birthday Party
Nashville Globe – February 15, 1907
Pg. 1

Mr. Frank Patrick, of 1302 Kayne avenue, gave to his wife, Ollie, a beautiful birthday party Friday night, Feb. 8. The house was beautifully lighted with Japanese lanterns, which made a very picturesque scene. Frappe was dispensed throughout the evening, and a course of ices and wines was served. Mrs. Patrick was the recipient of many presents.

Birthday Anniversary for Frederick Davis Lowery

Birthday Anniversary
Nashville Globe – February 1, 1907
Pg. 3

Last Sunday Mr. Frederick Davis Lowery, who resides on Sixth avenue, North, near Jefferson street, and who is connected with the pressroom of the National Baptist Publishing House, celebrated the anniversary of his birth. Surrounded by his family and a number of intimate friends Mr. Lowery held court the greater part of the afternoon. In fact, it was an occasion, the memory of which will live for a long time in the hearts of those who celebrated the day with him. An elaborate dinner was served to the enjoyment of all. After having finished the courses called for by an excellent menu, a brief season was spent in social converse. Then the guests repaired to their homes fully satisfied with the day’s entertainment.

Birthday Party – 25 Jan 1907

Birthday Party
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 6

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Richardson, of 1207 Phillips street, gave a birthday party in honor of their son, Henry D. A two-course menu was served; the colors used being pink and white. The hours were from 3 until 6pm. The guests were Misses Enone Wainwright, Vassa Simmons, Lena Waters, Mary Beasly, Julia Pope, Lucile Boxley; Ollie Young, Blood and Tennie Perkins, Cordelia Smith, Minnie B. Davis, Masters L.T. Crosthwait, Henry D. Black, J.A. Black, Wm. D. Price, Woody Baker, William Jacob, Andrew Allison, Alonza F. Wade, Wm. Royster and Wm. Smith. A number of handsome presents were received.

Mrs. Mills Entertains in Honor of Her Daughter-in-Law

Mrs. Mills Entertains in Honor of Her Daughter-in-Law
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 6

Mrs. Adelia Mills, of 1807 Jefferson street, entertained last Sunday afternoon in honor of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. I.C. Mills. A sumptuous dinner was spread, and those present feasted to the health of Mrs. Mattie Mills, whose birthday they were celebrating. The Globe reporter did not know how old Mrs. Mattie Mills was, but deemed it best to forget. Seated at the table where Mr. and Mrs. I.C. Mills, Mrs. Carrie Baily, of Chicago; Mr. and D.A. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mills. The table was laden with delicious viands, and all present enjoyed this elegant dinner to the highest.

Turkey with giblet dressing and cranberry sauce, green peas and chicken salad; spaghetta, candied potatoes, celery pickles, etc., and banana cream and fruit, cake, black coffee and crackers was served.

Surprise Party

Surprise Party
Nashville Globe – January 25, 1907
Pg. 6

Mr. and Mrs. John Barnes, of 1411 Pearl street, gave a surprise birthday party Thursday, Jan. 24, in honor of their sister, Miss Vannoy Cleveland Webster. For the occasion the house was beautifully decorated with flowers. The guests began to arrive at an early hour and throughout the evening the spirit of the occasion was entered into heartily. Music and games were the principal features of the evening, the music having been furnished by Messrs. Wm. Brook, D.J. Jenkins and Lou Brook. At a late hour the following menu was served; Deviled ham sandwiches, green peas, cream cheese, crackers, pickles, chocolate cake, ice cream, mints.

Those present were Misses Velma Mosely, Clara Frierson, Bessie Garrett, Fannie Watkins, Lena Barnes, Marie Stockwell, Brucie Mai Ewing, Virginia Whittaker, Addie Fite, Mary Whittaker, Addie Fite, Mary Whittaker, Myrtle Kirkpatrick, Emma James, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Voorhees, Messrs. Samuel Houston, Joseph Webster, Richard Perkins, James Hunter, Ed Allen, Hugh Cox, Herbert McBride, Frank Patterson, Arthur Bell, Milton Darden, Charles Walker, W. A. House, A. Brock, Geo. Reid, A. Fite, H. Fite, Jesse Fite, Thos. Webster, Wm. Brooks, John T. Barnes, S. L. Marshall, Lee Roy Barnes and Wm. Stockell.

Seventy-Seven Years Old

Seventy-Seven Years Old
Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907
Pg. 8

Mrs. Nelson T. Merry, of 316 Eighth avenue, North, was 77 years old last Saturday, Jan. 12. She is in good health, able to attend church regularly and has been a member of the church 65 years. Two of her daughters, Mrs. Emma Dunlap, and Mrs. Adella Mitchell, are with her. Mrs. Dunlap who has lived in Memphis for the past eighteen years, where she recently lost her husband, Mr. Frank Dunlap, is to remain with her mother and assist her sister in caring for her.

My Note: I did a lookup to see if I could locate Mrs. Merry in the census and I found her. Apparently, her name is Mary Merry and her husband died prior to 1900.

In the 1880 census, they are listed together – he is 54 and lists his occupation as a Minister of the Gospel, and she is 51. They have a daughter, Adella who is 20, and a son James who is 13. Mr. Merry was born in Kentucky, and Mary was born in Tennessee.

In the 1910 census, only Mary is listed now, as mother-in-law to her daughter’s husband, Edward Mitchell (Adella is his wife). Mary is about 81 now, which fits right according to the announcement of her birthday celebration in this 1907 article. The family also has an Emma Dunlap living with them, who’s relationship is listed as Edward’s sister-in-law. Emma is about 59 here, so she is a few years older than Adella – it is likely she is her sister.

Palmyra Notes – January 18, 1907

Nashville Globe – January 18, 1907

Palmyra Notes

  • Master T. J. Moody’s birthday party, celebrating his 17th year, was largely attended by his classmates and friends of Mt. Herman School. He received some handsome presents from parents and friends.
  • Mr. Ed Marble is very ill.
  • Mrs. Addie Satifield is very ill with pneumonia.
  • Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Harris celebrated the twelfth anniversary of their marriage, Jan 12, 1907. The visitors were Mrs. Jannie Barker, Jr., Mrs. Minnie Barker, Miss Alice Eldridge, of Indian, Md. ; Mrs. Alice E. Moody, Misses B.H. Moody, V.L. Moody, E. M. Barker, A E. Barker; Messrs. T.J. Moody, Barcum Moody, T. Dortch, H. L. Strong; H. L. Moody and Prof. W. C. Wilkins. The parlor was decorated with cut flowers and ferns.
  • Mr. Walker Quaries and Mr. W. C. Wilkins visited Nashville last week and had a very pleasant luncheon at Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Frierson’s, Glencliff, Tenn.